Maple Gel Con 2020 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Maple Gel Con 2020

Maple Gel Con 2020

July 31 - August 2, 2020

Holiday Inn Toronto-Airport East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Video Gaming Convention with Anime programming

In the year 2015 four people were brought together by one make a Tales of Series Convention in Canada. With no experience in planning a convention each party member fought through the tutorial to gain experience and put on the convention in 2016. Through word of mouth, both in person and online, they grew their community. One they called Maple Gel Guild, as an homage to their Canadian roots, the word was spread and started reaching the people. The more they grew the more the community leveled up, it was no longer just a community, it became a family. With principles founded in love, respect and kindness the party was able to have a successful first year. The demand was there and they were willing to answer the call each year. As they leveled up so did the convention, and the people. More people learned of who Maple Gel Guild are and were determined to attend.

As the convention grew the party realized they needed some help, and thus brought on new party members to fill in roles they hadn't known needed filling. The community welcomed these new additions and were happy to see their beloved Maple Gel Con grow and adapt.

Armed with their mascot Fenni, the party seeks to continue leveling up and continuing to create the best experience for their attendees that they possible can. They grew to not just be a party....but Guild Leaders, guiding this community and being the pillar of Maple Gel Con.


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