News for AOD: San Francisco Animation Convention 2006
May 7, 2006

AOD 2006 presents "Totally AOD", a pre-convention fanzine

AOD 2006: The San Francisco Animation Convention, is pleased to announce "Totally AOD," the first pre-convention fanzine of its kind, geared toward animation fans, cosplayers and all fans of the mega-genre.

"Totally AOD" provides a place where fans can experience the excitement of AOD months before the convention even starts, bringing fans the content they demand straight to their web browsers on a regular basis.

Packed with interviews, news, reviews and more, "Totally AOD" looks to energize fans of AOD and of animation. The first issue is now available for online viewing at

[fanzine direct link:]

About AOD:
AOD 2006 is operated by the Federation for the Promotion of Animation, a not-for-profit organization established to educate people on the art of animation and make use of its richness to promote cross-cultural learning and understanding in a fun, family-oriented environment. Formerly known as Anime Overdose, AOD 2005 was packed with all-star guests, exciting events, and tons of family-friendly fun. Visit for more information.

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