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March 13, 2006

MomoCon announces guests


ATLANTA, GA. March 11, 2006 MomoCon, Atlanta's largest free admission anime/gaming/comics themed convention, March 18-19 2006 at the Georgia Tech Student Center in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is happy to announce its guest list for 2006:

Anime/Media Guests: Voice Actress Amy Howard-Wilson of Starblazers & Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Silas & Mary of the online series My Little Transformer, anime scholar Brent Allison, and the anime music video editors of Chaotic Bad-Raptor Studio.

Comic Guests: Andy Runton critically acclaimed and award winning writer-artist of Owly, Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell seen daily in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and On The Fast Track and Safe Havens syndicated nationwide by King Feature, Jennie Breeden writer/artist of Devil's Panties online at and soon to be available in comic shops everywhere, Gina Biggs (Red String), Eirick Blackwolf (Chisuji), Jawa Boy (Counter Culture), R. Dustin Kramer (Shogun Al Carbon), Joesph Fanning (MSF High & Highschool Changed Me), John Lotshaw (Accidental Centaurs), mckenzee (Sinister Bed Fellows), and from the Savannah College of Art & Design Patrick Ryan Quinn (Professor of Sequential Art).

Costuming: Angry Dog Armor, Studio Creations, Ashley Vess (Starnight Dreams), Robert "Vaderpainter" Bean, the gothic Lolita stylings of Megan McHugh & Jessica Yesin (Supert3ch), Kristen "SithVixen" Caron, Solikha Wright (StubbyChubby), Imriela (WeGo4Kyo), and Lionel Vogt (Lion of the Sun).

Gaming Guests include Atlanta's very own Konsole Kingz Magazine & Gamesare Video Game Design, from the Savannah College of Art & Design John Sharp (Professor of Interactive Design & Game Development) and demo teams from WhiteWolf, Looney Labs, Cheapass Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Civil War 2062.

Publishers making an appearance are Top Shelf Productions whose credits include such critically acclaimed graphic novels as American Elf, Blankets, Box Office Poison, and Owly. J. Chris Campbell from South Carolina's premiere comics anthology/'zine Wide Awake Press, G.I.R.A.F (Georgia Independent Art & Film) Network, Purrisa Press, Terminus Media, Imbrium Studio, and UpDown Studios.

For more information about MomoCon, please visit the website (


Celebrating its 11th year of charter, the anime club of Georgia Tech, Anime O-Tekku (, boasts almost 500 mailing list members as well as dozens of local supporters who help with events. They are responsible for providing Mid-Town Atlanta with previous events such as screenings of Spirited Away and up-to-date information on the newest and best anime out of Japan. MomoCon debuted March 26-27 2005 and was happy to host over 700 fans, and hopes to bring even more enjoyment to a larger group of attendees for its sophomore year. You can read more about Anime O-Tekku and MomoCon 2005 in the February 2005 issue of Newtype USA.


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