Midwest Media Expo 2017 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Midwest Media Expo 2017

Midwest Media Expo 2017

April 28-30, 2017

Edward Hotel & Convention Center
Dearborn, MI

TV Convention with Comics, Gaming, and Video Gaming programming
Organized by Youmacon Enterprises / Defying Conventions

Returning in Spring of 2017 is Metro Detroit's pop-culture extravaganza: The Midwest Media Expo. M2X is a popular culture event, similar to most Comic Conventions; however, instead of focusing on only comics, the Midwest Media Expo is a celebration of all popular media. This includes, but is not limited to: Animation, Television, Film, Literature, Video Games, Tabletop Gaming, Comics, and Internet Culture. The Midwest Media Expo brings a unique, all-ages blend of interactive events, celebrity guest panels, and live musical performances to Metro Detroit.

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$40 + fee through December 31, 2016
$47.12 through March 31, 2017
At-Door Rates
All 3 Days: $50
Friday: $25
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $25

Midwest Media Expo 2017 News

Apr 26, 2017 Midwest Media Expo cancelled three days before event


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