LouisiANIME 2016 Information

LouisiANIME 2016

LouisiANIME 2016

March 25-27, 2016

Baton Rouge Marriott
Baton Rouge, LA

Anime Convention
Organized by Tetra Events

At Louisianime we work hard to make sure you have the opportunity to meet amazing voice actors. Come visit, learn and get autographs from the voice actors who bring to life some of your favorite characters!

Cosplay is a big part of the conventions today and we love watching it grow! Every year we invite talented and inspiring veteran cosplayers who give tips and insight into their outstanding craftsmanship and costume design. Come learn some great tricks of the trade and ways to improve your skill!

In addition to having amazing and talented guests, LouisiANIME has a wide variety of programming for all ages. We have unique programming provided every year by volunteer staff as well as regular programming events that we provide directly and through direct partnerships with talented featured panelists to cater to a variety of fandoms, in addition to the amazing content produced by volunteers every year.

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$30 through August 1, 2015
$37.92 through November 1, 2015
$40 through February 12, 2016
$48 through March 27, 2016

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