Khaotic Kon 2013 Information

Khaotic Kon 2013

Khaotic Kon 2013

May 3-5, 2013

Sheraton Tampa East Hotel
Tampa, FL

Anime Convention with Sci-Fi and Video Gaming programming

We exist solely for our love of our community! Our subculture has grown steadily larger over the pass few years giving way to new ideas and way of being. And although many fads come and go the anime, video game, comic book, and sci-fi continue to flourish. What we at Khaotic Kon hope to accomplish with starting this convention is to create a new and unique nation and any fan could call home.

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$30 through Sep 22; $33.33 through Dec 3; $36.67 through Feb 13; $40 through April 27
At-Door Rates
$45 weekend; $25 Fri; $25 Sat; $20 Sun

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