Revoluticon 2012 Information

Revoluticon 2012

Revoluticon 2012

March 16-18, 2012

Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
Columbus, OH

Science Fiction Convention with Comics and Video Gaming programming
Organized by Anime Punch

So you're an anime fan, but you have interests outside of anime. In fact, these interests are growing, and you and your friends are getting into some new stuff together. Maybe it's the new seasons of Dr. Who? Maybe it's the internet and all of its memes. Maybe you're just really in the mood for some Halo. Watching/doing this stuff at home with friends is fun, but we know you. You like to go out to cons. You've tried sci-fi cons, but the crowd just isn't the same as your beloved anime fandom. You miss the anime con customs, in jokes, jargon, youthful spirit, and even the silliness. We have heard your plight.

Anime Punch is launching a new event, aimed specifically at anime fans, and fans of anime cons, however unlike Armageddicon which only features anime, Revoluticon will feature everything BUT anime. There will be everything you're used to seeing at our con, except with entirely different subject matter. So, while there won't be a "Postmodernism in Giant Robot anime" panel, you can bet there will be an "Abandonment and orphans in comic books" discussion!

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$26.62 through March 2, 2012

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