KingCon 2022 Information

KingCon 2022

KingCon 2022

October 15-16, 2022

Renton Pavilion Events Center
Renton, WA

Convention with Comics, Costuming, Gaming, and Video Gaming programming

Imagine traveling to another world to a great kingdom full of excitement and exploration. Welcome to the kingdom of KingCon, a vast domain with three unique realms that offer their own adventures. Scientia, the realm where you can meet scientists up close and personal to learn how real life science translates into the world of science fiction. Innovatia, where the creatives live. There, you meet artists and cosplayers and see firsthand how to build a Star Wars lightsaber or put together an award-winning costume. Then, there is the realm of Adventia, where you can be immersed in an environment filled with games of adventures, thrills, and challenges.

These are the realms of KingconNW, a unique and exciting weekend-long, family-oriented event in the Pacific Northwest aimed at providing what we call the three E's: Education, Experience, and Environment.

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