WePlay Expo 2021 Information

WePlay Expo 2021

WePlay Expo 2021

November 13-14, 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall H3
Shanghai, China

Video Gaming Convention with Gaming programming

Weplay Expo, one of the few gaming culture festival in 2021 scheduled to physically take place in China! This will be one of the largest game expo this year, involving video gaming, arcade, and tabletop.

Over the past four years, WePlay has been working on bringing a unique game culture experience to China. We have brought all different platform games, with high quality gaming content and experience gathered from all over the world. The most popular companies involved including Blizzard, Ubisoft, PlayStation, Square Enix, 2K games and a lot of indie game brands. In 2020, more than three hundred games from China, Poland, Japan and other thirteen countries covering all major platforms were present; some even had their public debut at WePlay.

Weplay also offers a rich experience around gaming and is a fantastic event for younger generations. This event is complete with mini live, arts gallery, game competitions, board games, etc. Try to imagine the combined experience from Pax, Gen Con, MAG Fest and EVO! On our main stage, WePlay has more than ten shows packed in two days every year. Including live music, speed runs, competitions, and special guest appearances! Previous guests covers: Bryan Dechart: actor from the game Detroit: Become Human, Koji Igarashi: the producer of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and many more.


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