Kakkoi|con 2009 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Kakkoi|con 2009

July 31 - August 2, 2009

Sheraton Bloomington
Minneapolis, MN

Anime Convention

Kakkoi|con is an exciting anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture convention that is scheduled to take place July 31st-August 2nd, 2009 in Minneapolis, MN. This is an event that people of all ages may attend, however many of the events scheduled will have an age restriction due to strong language, adult content, and there will be ID checks to prevent minors from attending.

Kakkoi|con, is an event that is meant to reach beyond the scope of just Japanese animation to include Japanese music, fashion, style, and cultural aspects. We feel that by doing this we can provide a greater appreciation of Japanese Society. However, anime will still be the core of what Kakkoi|con is about.


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