Neon Retrofuturism Festival 2018 Information

Neon Retrofuturism Festival 2018

Neon Retrofuturism Festival 2018

August 24-26, 2018

Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick
Warwick, RI

Video Gaming Convention with Film Festival and Gaming programming

NEON is not an 80s convention.

It's also not your typical pop culture event. Rather, NEON is a celebration of Retrofuturism from the late 20th century. And unlike the crowded expos that have become commonplace in 20XX and are happy to sell that nostalgia back to you, NEON is aesthetically and sonically immersive. It's an escape off-world to a place that never really existed, but we wish it did.

Retrofuturism is a term coined in 1983, defined as "a revived enthusiasm for depictions of the future created in the past; also, the use of a style considered futuristic in the past." NEON celebrates what the near past imagined our future would be, most commonly seen in the Cyberpunk genre, but NEON is the first event of its kind that incorporates the unique aesthetic of this world in its entirety - it's what incredibly popular shows like Stranger Things and countless art, music, game, and film producers are creating right now. Its essence is epic synths, midnight drives, obsolete tech, hard video games, faded summer polaroids, and neon-drenched danger.

NEON is a music festival; a huge 80's and 90's arcade consisting of original restored cabinets; non-stop film screenings of rare and hilariously terrible titles; workshops for electronics projects like modular synths; discussions led by innovative creators of the era; the type of old school tabletop gaming you'd spend entire weekends playing with your friends; a retro computing time capsule and LAN room; and a Yacht Rock lounge for when you need to sail away from it all. These are just some areas of NEON that we've dreamed up for you to explore-we'll also have themed shopping, vendors, and artists.

Experience a new tomorrow in August 2018. You are not alone.

Registration Information

Advance Rates
At-Door Rates
All 3 Days: $85
Friday: $35
Saturday: $40
Sunday: $30

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